Series: Addiction Front Lines


The heroin epidemic in New Hampshire is something we often hear about, but rarely see. We ride with the Street Crime Unit of the Manchester Police Department to show you what officers are up against every day. We explore the anatomy of a heroin addict. We also expose an issue that makes solving the opioid crisis extremely challenging, if not possible: drug addicts who do not want to sober up and face the harsh realities of their lives. You’ll meet a mother of three who—right after we wake her up on the side of the road—describes her heroin highs as orgasmic. Lastly, as we profile the opioid crisis in the Queen City, a new threat emerges: Meth. It’s the ugly truth of drug abuse.

This story has become part of the national narrative, thanks in part to the First-in-the-Nation primary in New Hampshire. We will explore what is and isn’t being done—politically—on the local, state and national levels.  Watch as we travel to Washington DC to follow Manchester’s police chief as he testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Stay tuned.

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