Behind the Badge: New Hampshire State Police

When you think of New Hampshire State Police, the image of a green cruiser on the side of the highway with a trooper running radar probably comes to mind. While traffic enforcement is a primary role of NHSP, it’s not all they do. Chief Photographer Freddy Wheeler and I spent nearly three months with road troopers and those in specialized units—from bomb squad and SWAT to K-9 and aviation traffic enforcement—to show you how they fight crime and protect you and your family.

New Hampshire State Police covers the entire state and serves as the local law enforcement for communities with part-time or no police departments. NHSP does the job with 292 troopers. To put that into perspective, there are more legislators in New Hampshire than troopers.

We begin with a ten-part, week-long series called Behind the Badge, followed by a one-hour special airing on Thanksgiving. This is something that has never been done before in the Granite State. In 2016, New Hampshire was ranked as the third safest state in the United States. We wanted to find out why.

Behind the Badge #2: Troop B

For the New Hampshire State Police troopers patrolling the roadways, every encounter is unique and potentially dangerous. In tonight’s Behind the Badge, we ride—day and night—with Troopers Jacob Wood and Stephan Czyzowski through their coverage area known as Troop B – which includes Manchester, the epicenter of the drug crisis in the Granite State.

  • Trooper Jacob Wood, Troop B
  • Stephan Czyzowski, Troop B

Behind the Badge #3: Marine Patrol

While it isn’t boating season, the officers of the New Hampshire State Police Marine Patrol Bureau still have an important job to do. We take you for a ride on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee to show you how they keep you safe in and around NH waterways.

  • Officer Phil Carpenter, Marine Patrol
  • Officer Sam Muto, Marine Patrol

Behind the Badge #4: Special Enforcement Unit (Aviation Traffic Enforcement)

When you think of traffic enforcement, these green marked New Hampshire State Police cars standing by along the highway are probably what come to mind. However, there are also troopers patrolling the roadways — from up in the air. In this segment of our special series — Behind the Badge—we ride and fly with the Special Enforcement Unit (SEU) so you can see how they crack down on dangerous driving.

  • Trooper Sean Faherty, Special Enforcement Unit
  • Trooper Lori Terhune, Special Enforcement Unit
  • Auxiliary Trooper Tom Lombardi

Behind the Badge #5: Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Keeping the roads safe for you and your family is one of the biggest roles of New Hampshire State Police. Reckless driving, drunk driving, and distracted driving—are among the greatest threats to your safety, but they’re not the only ones. When was the last time you drove next to a big rig—and got a little nervous? That nervousness is justified. Those large trucks and trailers can pose a danger. In tonight’s Behind the Badge, we show you how the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit works to keep dangerous rigs off the road.

  • Lt. Nicole Armaganian, Troop G
  • Sgt. William Burke, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Behind the Badge #6: Troop F

Serving as a New Hampshire State Trooper in Troop F is unlike any other position in the division. This is where the least amount of troopers cover the most ground. Take a look at this map. Troop F encompasses 39 percent of the state. Some of the towns don’t have police departments, others are small or part-time. That means these troopers handle the majority of the emergency calls in these areas. We take you up north to show you the unique challenges these troopers face—day and night.

  • Trooper Bryan Tracy, Troop F
  • Trooper Patrick Randall, Troop F

Behind the Badge #7: Bomb Squad

The New Hampshire State Police Bomb Squad (Explosives Disposal Unit) is the unit you see on TV news when someone calls 911 about a suspicious package or a bomb threat. What you may not know is how they handle those calls and what else they do to keep people safe in New Hampshire.

  • Sgt. Jeffrey Dade, Bomb Squad Commander

Behind the Badge #8: High-Tech Tools

Solving crimes and saving lives using the latest technology. On this episode of Behind the Badge, troopers show us how some major upgrades to their rides are making their jobs a little easier and a lot safer.

  • Colonel Christopher Wagner
  • Sgt. Brian Strong, Major Crime Unit
  • Trooper Sean Faherty, Special Enforcement Unit

Behind the Badge #9: K-9 Unit

“Hi I’m Gary Ingham with the State Police K-9 Unit and you’re watching Behind the Badge on NH1 News!” Trooper Ingham is one of 15 New Hampshire State Police troopers in the division’s K-9 Unit. In this episode, we show you how the canine’s heightened senses help their trooper partners fight crime and save lives.

  • Sgt. Mark Hall, SWAT, Mobile Enforcement Unit & K-9 Unit
  • Trooper Gary Ingham, K-9 Unit
  • Trooper Andrew Frigon, Mobile Enforcement Unit

Behind the Badge #10: Preview of 1-hour Thanksgiving Special

All week, we’ve been introducing you to the men and women of New Hampshire State Police. We’ve taken you on the front lines to show you the threats and the challenges they face every day.You’ve seen what they do to keep you and your family safe—on the highways, on our waterways, and in your homes. Our ten-part series Behind the Badge – while comprehensive – is just the first course. On Thanksgiving, we will bring you a one-hour Behind the Badge special that goes even deeper. We’ll go inside the crime lab to find out how the drug crisis—specifically the push for convicting dealers— is impacting how technicians do their job.

  • Lt. Sean Haggerty, Commander of Special Services
  • Trooper Sean Faherty, Special Enforcement Unit
  • Timothy Pifer, Forensic Laboratory Director
  • Trooper Chris Decker, Polygraph Unit Commander
  • Trooper Seth Gahr, Peer Support Unit


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