UPDATE: Cell Phone Protection?

cell phone image“Even if you have doubts, don’t buy them because you don’t know what’s inside.” Jillian Guillemette, Manchester

If you’re just reading about this for the first time, Jillian reached out to us because she was burned by the liquid inside this cell phone case when it cracked.

edited pic of Jillian

She bought this sparkly case at the Cellairis kiosk in the Mall of New Hampshire.  After she got burned, she went back to the kiosk because she wanted to find out what’s inside the case. It came without any packaging, so she had no details about the chemical composition of the liquid and couldn’t tell if there were any product warnings on the packaging.

Cellairis counter with logoSince our first story aired, a second viewer came forward, saying she was also burned by the liquid in these cases.

new person burned by cell phoneConcord Attorney Jim Steiner says that lack of critical information poses serious threats to your safety and may violate consumer protection laws.

“There’s just no information that would give a warning to somebody, guidance to a purchaser or any kind of instruction about any potential harm,” says Steiner. He adds, “If someone fell asleep with their cell phone next to them—as so many children do—and the device broke because they rolled on it, and they didn’t realize until the chemical burns had become second or third degree burns, this could be a serious injury.”

I bought the same cell phone case from that kiosk and they wouldn’t give me the packaging either, claiming they don’t fit into the display when in the box. I reached out to Cellairis—and one week later—I received this statement.

cellairis statement 1

cellairis statement 2

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Cellairis is a customer-focused company and we take all product related incidents very seriously. The Mall of New Hampshire location is a franchised location and owned independently. Our initial research confirms that the product purchased was not a Cellairis manufactured product, although it was purchased at a Cellairis location. We are committed to conducting a full investigation to resolve this issue.”

Cellairis turned down our request for an interview.  In an email, its marketing manager claims that a letter has been crafted for its franchises asking them to remove this type of product from their shelves.  We have not been provided a copy of that letter or a timeline of its release and ultimate removal of the liquid cases.

In the meantime, we are sending the case to a lab for analysis.

If you’ve been burned by one of these cases, please send me an email at cmcarthur@nh1.com.

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