Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success: Joe Faro

Joe Faro
Founder & Chief Food Taster
Tuscan Brands

“Energy and passion kind of go together. When you’re passionate about something, it kind of fuels that energy, and everybody feeds off of that. The community feeds off of that. The guests feed off of that. Your employees feed off of that,” – Joe Faro, Owner & Chief Food Taster, Tuscan Brands.

That’s Joe Faro, the founder of Tuscan Market and Tuscan Kitchen. This UNH graduate has turned his lifelong passion for pasta into big business here in the Granite State. In fact, it was at UNH that he wrote the business plan for his first company – Joseph’s Gourmet Pasta and Sauces—that he sold to Nestle before breaking some serious ground in Salem and Portsmouth. We had a fireside chat with this pasta maker and real estate investor to share some of his most delicious secrets to entrepreneurial success.

Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success:

  • Have it and share it with employees
  • Less talking, more listening to guests
  • Invest in the community
  • Give back

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