Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success: Ervin Fazekas

Ervin Fazekas
Mr Bubbles Car Wash

“We arrived in this country in 1959 with 127 dollars, two suitcases, no language, no relatives—just a great desire to live the American dream.” – Ervin Fazekas, Mr. Bubbles

From Hungary to New Hampshire—that is exactly what Ervin Fazekas – aka Mr. Bubbles—and his family are doing in Portsmouth and Rochester. They’re living the American dream. The car wash business may not sound glamorous, but like all of these entrepreneurs we’ve profiled—including the entertainers—he took on the risk and responsibility of building his business and shares his secrets to success.

Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success:

  • Location, location, location
  • Offer only quality service
  • Create a memorable experience
  • Make it a family affair

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