Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success: Craig Peterson

Craig Peterson
Technology Consultant
Mainstream Managed Services

“You have to have a huge goal. You have to have something that is going to inspire you and inspire the people around you. And if it’s a huge enough goal, it’s going to be a scary goal.” – Craig Peterson, Technology Consultant

Most entrepreneurs I’ve interviewed readily admit that launching a business is scary. Without exception, you’re emotionally and financially invested in its success. I found an interesting article on It’s the 8 surprising traits of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. So, I asked an entrepreneur from Manchester – technology consultant Craig Peterson – to offer his take on the list.

8 Surprising Traits of the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs:

  • They listen more than they speak
  • They’re ready to embrace failure
  • They’re extremely curious
  • They’re determined to follow their passions
  • They admit what they don’t know
  • They know when and how to say no
  • They know the importance of balance
  • They know how to build a good team

Connect with Craig Peterson:
Twitter: @craigpeterson

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