Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success: Alex Ray

Alex Ray
The Common Man

“There are two incomes in the world. One is here (pointing to his brain) and one is here (pointing to wallet). I am pointing at my wallet in my back pocket. If you fill this one up (the brain), it will give back for the rest of your life, so don’t go to work for money.” – Alex Ray, The Common Man.

Extraordinary advice from The Common Man himself, Alex Ray. You may not recognize him at first, but chances are you’ve dined at one of The Common Man restaurants, diners, maybe slept in one of his hotels, grabbed a snack and gas at the Hooksett Welcome Center, or enjoyed a live performance at the Flying Monkey. Just some of Alex Ray’s establishments across New Hampshire. And to think this entrepreneur NEVER wanted to work in the restaurant business.

Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success:

  • Never changing, always fresh
  • Keep it local
  • Create a worthwhile experience
  • Make the customer your priority
  • Invest in the community

Connect with Alex Ray:

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