EXCLUSIVE: Inside Active Shooter Training Part 2: Empowering local businesses + BONUS VID

MANCHESTER – Thursday night we showed you how the Manchester Police Department is training its own to handle active shooter situations – like the deadly attacks in San Bernardino, California and Paris – to name just two. These cases have a growing number of employers concerned about the safety of their workers. That’s where the Manchester Police Departments steps in with potentially life-saving training.

“The first thing that ran into my head is how is Manchester going to deal with this? How are our local business going to react? Are they going to want presentations? Are they going to want training? The answer is yes. We’ve been getting a lot of requests for training,” said Officer Nathan Linstad.

“This is the very, very, very tip of the iceberg. We train all the time. We’re always training, we’re always trying to find out what the trends are, and trying to do what we can to stop them,” said Linstad.

Officer Linstad – and the Manchester Police Department – use that intelligence to better prepare themselves to handle violent and deadly encounters. They will also share their expertise with local businesses and organizations that want to be able to better protect themselves against active shooters.

“They need to get the training, where it could be anything. It could be a true active shooter event, it could be just a workplace violence situation where someone had been fired comes back… or a domestic situation,” said Linstad.

He adds, “It’s just training. We’re not going to come in there and do anything crazy. People won’t be running around jumping over desks or anything. We come in, we talk about concepts, we talk about what you do if this scenario happens,” said Linstad. “Time is of the essence. And the faster you act, the less damage there is, whether it’s personal property or people.”

“Anything you can do to protect your employees is a good thing,” said Dan Fortin, President & CEO, Breathe New Hampshire.

Fortin arranged the training for his staff in Manchester shortly after the San Bernardino attack.

“I think it’s comforting. I mean, obviously, the realities of what this all represents is sort of scary, but I think I’m more aware and hope my staff is a little more comfortable and secure with themselves in terms of their actions and what they do or don’t do in the case of an emergency,” said Fortin. “I realize there’s a small probability of something happening, but I’d just as soon see them all safe and being prepared to do whatever they have to do take care of themselves.”

You can learn more about the training by calling the Manchester Police Department at (603) 668-8711.

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