Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success: Andy Crews

Andy Crews
President & CEO

“When I looked at New Hampshire I had two small girls, it looked like a great place to raise a family and a very good opportunity, and so we made the move and came up. It was the best thing I could do for my family.” – Andy Crews, President & CEO, AutoFair

… And for people across New Hampshire. That’s Andy Crews, CEO of AutoFair. While he’s only been here with his family for a decade, he’s made—and continues to make—a huge impact on many lives. And we’re not just talking about his 650 employees. We asked him to share some of his Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success.

Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success:

  • Work your way up
  • Find a mentor
  • Built trust, generate loyalty
  • Take the risk and invest in yourself
  • Invest in the community

Connect with Andy Crews:

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