Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success: Don Nason

Don Nason
The Nason Group

“It’s kind of fun to be able to say you know what? I want to go do something and make something happen and do something good and nobody has to tell me that I am allowed to.” – Don Nason, The Nason Group

Calling your own shots. That’s why Don Nason—and many entrepreneurs—decide to go out on their own. After serving twenty years as a police officer—with the last four as Chief of Police in Bridgewater—Nason wanted a change, so he launched his own private investigation firm. It’s thriving, and we wanted to show you why in this week’s Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success.

Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success:

  • Capitalize on what you know
  • Develop a strong network
  • Hire people you can trust
  • Rise above the competition
  • Don’t disappoint

Connect with Don Nason:

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