Welcome inside my world of work.


As an American University and Boston University journalism graduate, I’ve gone on to thrive in a series of exciting roles in large market television news and strategic communications. My experience in these two industries enables me to produce a wide range of award-winning multimedia content including breaking news, enterprise and investigative stories, documentaries—even commercials—that increase ratings and revenue, attract new viewers and drive change. I most recently produced an exclusive, one-hour special focused on the opioid pipeline that runs from South America to the Northeastern United States that recently aired in a Top 10 market. I’m initially looking to leverage my talent and experience as an investigative reporter with a long-term eye on positions of greater managerial responsibility. Here’s a snapshot of some of my work. 

 If you missed the television première of Beyond the Border: The Opioid Pipeline on WCVB NewsCenter 5, here it is! It’s a one-hour special report that takes you on a 1,700-mile journey through the opioid pipeline that runs from the Caribbean to Manchester, New Hampshire—the epicenter of the drug crisis in New England. It’s an exclusive, front lines, first-of-its-kind look at how one of the world’s most powerful industries is making a killing in New Hampshire. See trailers, photos and behind-the-scenes content on our Facebook page!  


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